Friday, February 24, 2012

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Although the term, WMD, has become a part of our daily lexicon, it remains very much an abstraction for most of us. This series of images offers a retrospective look at some of these weapons. Most of my subjects are drawn from the Cold War period during which there was a very real threat to the survival of civilization itself. The last sixty years has seen a frenzied tango between strategy and technology that has left us with the chilling array of doomsday machines seen here. Photographed by Martin Miller.

“The Gadget” (Trinity Atomic Bomb) 1945

“Little Boy” (Hiroshima Atomic Bomb) 1945

“Bockscar” (Nagasaki B-29 Bomber) 1945

Mk-17 Thermonuclear Bomb 1954

B-47 Strategic Bomber 1951

Mk-6 Atomic Bomb 1951

B-52 Strategic Bomber 1955

M65 280mm Atomic Cannon 1951

Atlas-D ICBM 1959

USS Lewis and Clark Ballistic Missile Submarine 1965

Inertial Guidance Module, Peacekeeper (MX) ICBM 1986

B-1B Strategic Bomber 1986

Midgetman ICBM Hardened Mobile Launcher1988

B-2 Strategic Bomber 1989

Canadian-Made Sherman M4A1 “Grizzly Bear” Tank 1943

German 128mm Flak 40 Zwilling Guns 1942

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