Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tim Mentoani project “Behind the Scenes”

Tim Mantoani of San Diego decided to show the world the faces of famous authors’ photos. His album ‘Behind Photographs: Archiving Photographic Legends’ contains portraits of famous photographers and their work. Tim, the last five years was shooting these portraits, says that now, when everyone can be a photographer, it is important to show people that the legendary images are not obtained by chance. Featuring the face of professional photographers, Tim gives them a tribute of respect that they deserve.

Neil Leifer with his photo Ali vs. Liston (May 25, 1965)

Photographer Brent Stirton – “Silverback Mountain Gorilla Procession”

Photographer Harry Benson – “Beatles #1 in America” (1964)

Photographer Jeff Widener – “Tank Man in Tienanmen Square” (1989)

Photographer Lyle Owerko – “9/11″

Photographer Steve McCurry – “Young Woman from Peshwar, Pakistan” (1984)

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