Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Anti SOPA/PIPA Artworks and Memes

If 2012 is really the end of the world, SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) could be the first sign. Though it is constructed in the way that it might protect the intellectual property from the possible copyright infringement, it is so powerful that the big industry players could even take down a website first without any investigation, and this is called Domain Name System Blocking. Basically it has no much difference from the censorship seen in certain countries.

STOP SOPA Bill. A great number of artists have risen up to fight against the SOPA in the artwork form or text form, as the SOPA could mean the end of the creative industry.

The great news is that the DNS blocking feature is finally intended to be discussed by the sponsor of the SOPA bill, which could mean the semi-victory of the Anti-SOPA people. Today, we’re still in the great war, that’s why we want to showcase to you a collection of precious anti-SOPA artworks from the brave people who fought for American’s freedom of speech.

While the war against the SOPA and PIPA hasn’t ended, we can understand more about the SOPA from these quality works, and even share them to the world to let every people stand up to fight for the American’s freedom of speech, and to protect user-centered sites like Google, YouTube or deviantArt from being taken down or censored! Full list of fearless artworks after jump!

SOPA: The Internet Blacklist Bill. First one of the list is the infographic from Stop American Censorship website to help you understand more about the SOPA, and how it will severe the American’s freedom of speech and potentially industry. If you’re an American, join the strike!

Anti-Protect IP Act. Though the DNS blocking feature of SOPA has been proposed to be discussed, we must remember the similar version of SOPA, the PIPA! Again you can join the strike to bring it down!

I Can’t Hear You. So Rep. Lamar Smith is the author of the SOPA, according to the Wikipedia.
Fight SOPA. Awesome modified version of The Social Network’s movie poster, and the message is the truth!

Image Violated SOPA. If SOPA is passed, this is what we will see often in our future.
We Hope You Have Enjoyed. Now it’s your time to fight for your freedom of speech, which should have no trial period at all.

Access Denied. We certainly don’t want our websites to face this destiny.
Censorship is no fun. SOPA could be harmful for web business too, imagine what those who hate you and your business will do.


From the fight against the SOPA and PIPA, we really witnessed the unity and courage of the American people to fight for their freedom of speech, and the great spirit of the people worldwide who helped to raise the concern. Hat tip to all the creators of artworks and those who are still fighting to preserve the freedom of speech, all of you are heroes.
The fight has to go on as like what we’ve mentioned before, the SOPA is not down yet, and the PIPA will be voted on 24th January. So if you’re an American, join the fight for your rights immediately, else you can contribute by sharing this post or these images to every people or everywhere you know. Internet Freedom relies on you to win it back!
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