Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Food For One Dollar

When Jonathan Blaustein bought 10 early-season organic blueberries for $1, he was a little upset by the price tag. It wasn’t the visual contrast — one dime to one blueberry — that perturbed him. It was the fact that six weeks earlier, he had purchased 17 organic blueberries from Chile for the same price.

“The blueberries from Chile were almost half the cost of the blueberries from 800 miles away,” said Mr. Blaustein, a cook-turned-photographer who arranged the berries in two neat rows of five and photographed them, in all of their organic goodness.

He did the same thing with seven packages of shrimp-flavored ramen noodles, 48 tea biscuits from Spain, a little pile of rice.

One dollar's worth of double cheeseburger from McDonalds

It was a cheeseburger that initially encouraged Mr. Blaustein, 36, to pursue his project, “The Value of a Dollar.” When the economy was in the midst of its downward spiral, he visited a fast-food chain in New Mexico, where he lives.

“On one menu they had a cheeseburger for a dollar,” he said. What caught his eye, though, was another menu, which featured a double cheeseburger for the same price. That additional piece of meat, and the extra slice of cheese, somehow didn’t change the price. So he set out to see what he could buy for one dollar in New Mexico.

 One dollar's worth of shurfine flour
 One dollar's worth of organic grapefruit from the Natural Food Store
 One dollar's worth of conventional grapefruit from Supersave
 One dollar's worth of tomatillos from Mexico
 One dollar's worth of candy neckaces from China
 One dollar's worth of shurfine white bread
 One dollar's worth of potted meat food product
 One dollar's worth of organic basmati rice from Whole Foods
 One dollar's worth of tea biscuits from Spain
 One dollar's worth of shrimp flavored Ramen noodles
 One dollar's worth of beef shank from Supersave
 One dollar's worth of pork floss
 One dollar's worth of fenugreek seeds from India
 One dollar's worth of saffron
 One dollar's worth of side salad with ranch dressing from Burger King
 One dollar's worth of escargot from Indonesia
 One dollar's worth of early season organic blueberries from California
 One dollar's worth of dried smelt
One dollar's worth of panko breadcrumbs from Japan

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