Friday, December 28, 2012

Asa Akira

Selena Gomez Naked

The above photo of what appears to be a naked Selena Gomez has just been leaked online.

Frankly I am shocked by this picture! Not because I didn’t think Selena Gomez was taking naked pictures of herself, but rather because I thought her Mexican vagina would be way more meaty.

One would assume that Selena Gomez’s baby box resembles a thick pastrami sandwich packed with extra mayo and a sprinkling of horseradish. That fact that it doesn’t and isn’t beaten to hell in this photo makes me question its authenticity.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Olympic Posters Through Time

 Athens 1896: No official poster was made for the 1896 Olympic Games, but the cover page of the official report is often used to refer to the Games of the I Olympiad. The inscription "776-1896", like the drawing as a whole: the Olympic stadium in a newly designed horseshoe shape, the Acropolis, the girl personifying the goddess Athena and presenting the branch of wild olive intended for the victor, mark the bond between the Games of Antiquity and the first Games of the modern era.